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Staron Super Flex

Advanced Solution for Dramatic Curves

Staron® Super Flex allows for more dramatic curves and flexibility to achieve high-performance applications in all commercial, residential and public space projects. Meet the new Staron® innovation to design your new futuristic and functional space.

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Dramatic Curves & Design: Perfect folding

Minimum Radius : 0mm

Staron® Super Flex boasts superior thermoplastic capabilities that can create limitless possibilities of shapes and designs from the slightest curves to extreme bends.


High Elongation

The elongation rate of Staron® Super Flex is two times higher than that of existing Staron®. Staron® Super Flex can be used for architectural and interior applications, such as high performance kitchen, bathroom and furniture surfaces.



Staron® Super Flex can be thermoformed at lower temperature and in shorter heating time compared to the thermoforming process of existing Staron® - making fabrication time quicker.



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Cautions for Processing
· Please note that variations in heating time and temperature conditions depending on the oven equipment.
· The table above shows the thermoforming conditions using convection ovens. Thermoforming time is shorter when using platen ovens.
· Thermoforming at temperatures above 180 °C can lead to decreased performance.
· Damage on Staron® Super Flex sheet can occur at temperatures above 185 °C (using convection ovens).