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Intelligent Design Options with Staron

Staron offers versatile design and intelligent options the create a space that is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

Tile Cove
A tile cove offers a smooth and clean finish at the back of your benchtop, where the benchtop meets the splashback. A 10mm tile cove will eliminate dirt and germ crevices and allow a smooth join to your splashback.

Extend your Staron® benchtop to include the sink and splashback for an integrated and monolithic finish. The surface will continue with no open joins.

Monolithic Surfaces
Start Staron® Solid Surfaces at the benchtop, flow into the sink, cove up the splashback and into parcel shelves, window ledges or curve around columns.

Clad Staron® to Door and Drawer Fronts

Create an integrated look by cladding Staron® to cabinetry. With the easy maintenance and durability of Staron®, your cabinets will be a beautiful feature and create easy living.

Endless Edge Profile Options
Staron® offers the design flexibility and freedom to create your own custom and personalised edge profile. Other products have limitations with profile options, but the flexibility of Staron® means that any benchtop thickness can be created with minimal effort, while staying within your budget. The edge profiles shown below are amongst the most popular. Ask your Certified Staron® Fabricator about the endless edge profile options available.

Integrated Sinks, Heat Rods and Drainer Boards
When a Staron® sink is joined to a Staron® benchtop, it looks and performs as one continuous piece of surface, creating a one-wipe flow from the benchtop into the sink. Staron® has a selection of standard sink designs, or create something custom to suit your needs. Continue the monolithic look and feel with integrated heat rods and drainer boards.

Simple Care & Maintenance
Staron® Solid Surfaces provides durability and design flexibility with the peace of mind of a 10-Year Limited Warranty. View the Staron® care and maintenance information here.