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Project: Reception desk by Valmont

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Design by: Jacqui Esdaile, Leigh Devine and Kate Tuffley of Valmont
Staron Application: Clad to reception desk
Location: Queensland, Australia
Staron Colours: Bright White
Download Project Overview [PDF]

"This extensive new fit-out needed to introduce on-floor efficiencies and foster cultural change through an open-plan approach, hinging on the functional workplace drivers of flexibility, adaptivity, collaboration, community and the notion of working together", says Kate about the initial design objectives.

To implement these design principles, the concepts of geometry was woven throughout the space aesthetically, in form, finish and functionality. These concepts take center stage in the reception area, where the curved Staron® counter in colour Bright White is 'imprinted' with flush mounted tessellating marble mosaic tiles. This reflects the core concepts of flexibility and 'working together'.  

The counter itself works as a landing point for visitors to the space whilst also offering administration staff a comfortable and pleasing environment in which to conduct their daily duties. With a smooth finish and no open joins, Staron® fits the performance requirements of a busy reception counter and concierge point. It also creates a beautiful and welcoming appeal.  

Congratulations to Jacqui Esdaile Leigh Devine and Kate Tuffley of Valmont for designing this spectacular space.

Staron® Fabrication by: Solid Surface Productions.

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