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Lights & Whites

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Quasar White (2)
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Bright White (1)
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Sanded Icicle (4)
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Metallic Yukon > (5)
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Pebble Frost (5)
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Aspen Glacier (5)
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Pebble Swan (5)
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Aspen Snow (5)
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Pearl (2)
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Sanded Cream (4)
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Sanded Birch (4)
Aspen Alder
Aspen Alder (5)
Sanded Dover
Sanded Dover (4)
Pebble Lagoon
Pebble Lagoon (5)
Natural (3)
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Ivory (3)
Aspen Glow
Aspen Glow (5)
Aspen Lily
Aspen Lily (5)
Aspen Stucco
Aspen Stucco (5)
Mosaic Dalmatian
Mosaic Dalmatian (5)


Pricing: The number next to each StaronĀ® colour 1-6 - represents the price range with 1 being the most affordable and 6 being the most expensive.


The above colours of StaronĀ® are representations only. Please see a product sample to ensure you are happy with your colour selection.

**Pebble Ice contains a fine scattered earthy coloured chip. Please see a large sample before selecting this colour for your project.

^ For colours listed with a ^ symbol, please check stock levels.

> Colours marked with this symbol feature a metallic mica chip. If selecting one of these colours, please speak to your Certified Fabricator or Austaron representative about how the look of these colours can change with different angled lighting.