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Staron Supreme Collection

Staron® Solid Surfaces introduces the new Supreme™ Collection that adopts the look and beauty of natural stone, while taking on the
advantage of the easy maintenance and joining capabilities of solid surface.
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Morning Sky
Supreme Morning Sky*** (6)
Cotton White
Supreme Cotton White*** (6)
Supreme Flux (6)
Beige Granite
Supreme Beige Granite*** (6)
Urban Grey
Supreme Urban Grey*** (6)
Supreme Delphi (6)
Supreme Cloudbank (6)
Supreme Magnolia (6)
Supreme Dawn (6)
Ocean View
Supreme Ocean View (6)
Natural Bridge
Supreme Natural Bridge (6)
Supreme Dandelion (6)
Supreme Pastoral (6)
Supreme Noir Concrete (6)
Supreme Loam (6)
Supreme Presto* (6)


Pricing: The number next to each Staron® colour 1-6 - represents the price range with 1 being the most affordable and 6 being the most expensive.

The above colours of Staron® are representations only. Please see a product sample to ensure you are happy with your colour selection.

* Darker colours may show every day wear and tear, including light scratching, more readily in high use horizontal areas ( benchtop). To ensure we meet your expectations, customers should be aware of the extra care needed. Scratching is not considered a product defect and hence not covered by the 10 year warranty. These colours are marked with an asterisk (*).

Supreme Collection: The above colours of Staron® are representations only. Due to the veined nature of the Supreme Collection, there may be a subtle difference between the electronic representation and the real material. Please view a product colour sample to ensure you are happy with your colour selection. Request samples here or by contacting your local Staron® representative. Please discuss how joins will appear in your application with your fabricator.

***Please note that these colours vary in sheet by sheet background colour and marbling effect just like a natural marble. Please speak with your fabricator regarding these variations when selecting your project colour.